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Manufactured from pre-painted galvanized sheet panels, Kwik roofing sheets are available at a 25 mm wide and a varying thickness between 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm in multiple color choices. We can manufacture the sheets to a minimum radius of 1.2m, alternately we can calculate the radius and length using the width and rise of the curved sheets. Moreover, the sheet spans from 1.5 meters to 7 meters along with a radius range of 400 mm to 800 mm. Kwik roofing sheets can be used for roof tops, parking bays, guest rooms and so on.

Uses: Curved sheets consist of roofing for barns, poultry sheds, internal tunnel cladding, airport hangars and corrugated water tanks. List of features includes:

  •    Good aesthetics
  •    They are very light in weight
  •    Easy and quick installation
  •    Excellent finish
  •    Resistant to corrosion and breaking
  •    Long lasting and durable
  •    Maintenance free