About Us

Qatar Steel Company

Established in 1980, we built an organization that would last the challenges of an ever-changing market and one that also would be known for its products in the Qatar Steel Industries. Our focus began with and is still mostly in finished and semi-finished steel goods. The demand for which has allowed us to establish a strong network that now spans 15 branches around the Globe. Our clientele know us for our quality, values and our well-established distribution channels to the extent that we have been awarded the “The Golden Merit for excellence and quality in the Arab world Among the Arab Organization for Administrative Development”.
With over 40 years of Experience, we have supplied Contractors, Developers and Governments for projects that now make up renowned residential areas and vital infrastructure that facilitate them. Qatar Steel Industries Factory has become a name that resounds with the highest standards of quality, performance and customer satisfaction. A name that aims to solidify itself in annals of time as an epitome of Sustainability, Innovation and Dynamism. We have done so in the past, thus we endear to do so for the future.

Industries that focus on Manufacturing such as Qatar Steel Factories need to be built on as system of consistent quality management that is presented at great value. We at Qatar Steel Industries Factory have been perfecting the ingredients for this for almost half a century. Where our innovative practices, expert human resource and the latest technological assimilation has given us the edge placing us as a leading market player.
We will continue to be so for we are driven to refine and seek the best techniques, head hunt the best human resource, source quality raw materials, assimilate the most efficient technology and create value that sustains the current and builds new clientele.

Ethical Practices, upholding highest customer satisfaction standards, manufacturing the best quality and range of products, sustaining and expanding a strong distribution network and finally creating value that resonates with the Global Market. That is what we, Qatar Steel Industries Factory envision and seek to consistently work on.
For ours is a conviction that is as strong and as durable as steel.

Currently in the Qatar Steel Industries, we are known to provide certified high quality flat structural and industrial steel solutions. Notably MS tubes, pipes, angles, beams, channels and plates; GI pipes, sheets and Coils; Aluminum sheets and coils; Corrugated roofing sheets, sandwich roof, wall panels and chain link fencing. Their demand and quality certified by well-known contracts and projects dotting the region.

Qatar Steel Industries Factory was established in 1980, and since then we have carved out an unparalleled position in the international market, providing our clients with premium quality structural steel items.We are constantly aware of the environmental responsibility we face. We understand the scarcity of resources and the ever-increasing cost of materials, energy, and labour. In response, we are committed to sustainability, and developing solutions that preserve the environment and habitations where we source our materials. Our products are energy-saving, resource-saving, time-saving, and high-performance solutions for our everyday life. They are durable, lightweight, easy to assemble and maintain. The end users appreciate the savings and convenience brought about by our products. We look forward to the coming years in business and to serving our community. Qatar Steel Industries Factory has positioned itself to create higher value and contribute to the advancement of the society at the heart of its corporate principles. We welcome any marketing and contracting alliance with partners of similar visions and values. Qatar Steel Industries Factory will strive to be the steel manufacturer of choice for hundreds of private and public organisations all over the world. With Qatar Steel’s uncompromising quality and products, we will continue to deliver value to our customers. I thank you on behalf of our shareholders and staff for your continual support.