Why Steel should be your primary choice

Why Steel should be your primary choice

Over the past few decades, Steel has become the Hail Mary for major contracting and construction businesses as it outshined the utility and practicality of cast iron. It is more affordable and very durable which led to taller, larger structural projects that required little to no maintenance. Furthermore, its marriage to certain materials like concrete made it a mainstay for the construction industry, and It would be an understatement to say that steel has been a game-changer for various industries.

Identifying the whys of its popularity and demand, the following are its core selling points:

  • Durability, strength and versatility:
  • Steel gives products attributes that make them light, easy to manage, effortless to maintain and long-lasting. Its strength ensures products and structures retain their integrity while its versatility enables the creation of various products of different shapes and forms.

  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Due to it being lightweight, it can be easily moved for assembly. Saving cost incurred due to time. Furthermore, with added treatments, it can withstand weathering, chemical and extreme temperature damage.

  • Reusable and recyclable:
  • After the loss of utility of one form, it can easily be broken down, reformed and remade without it losing any of its original properties.

The creation of steel is a process that was first modernized in the late 17th century where molten iron ore was smelted to pig iron using a blast furnace. The pig iron was further treated with oxygen that was blown into the chamber to reduce the carbon content. Modern day practices, apart from other techniques majorly use coke instead of charcoal for manufacturing. This has proven to be more economical and cost-effective.

Why Steel should be your primary choice

Today steel can be found in nearly every industry in various forms or variations; Carbon steel for example is used in structural projects due to its ductility and strength. Its name is derived from the process of carefully variating the content of carbon in steel to increase or decrease ductility. Alloy steel or stainless steel is a corrosion-free variant that is used to create tools and heavy machinery parts. These are very durable and long-lasting. Long steel is utilized for structures, framing, wires, meshes, security fencing and netting for concrete based strengthening. Flat carbon steel is made of use for major appliances and vehicular parts both internal and external. In other words, they are used to build chassis, skeletal frames and internal fittings. Weathering steel due to its sustainable and durable properties is utilized in the construction of storage that is temperature-sensitive; transport compartments both for passenger travel and in the freight of perishables and goods; warehousing for all sorts of goods and machinery.

Regardless of use, steel is found in nearly everything we see, be it for tasks or a particular function. It is industrial and technological progress done right. A solution that is economical, highly practical, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and a viable solution to all our modern-day needs.

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