If you stand for quality and want the best value for your investment when procuring corrugated metal roofing sheets in Qatar then Qatar Steel Industries Factory (QSIF) is the brand you need. The high strength and durability whether you build Car park shade, construction bounties, animal pens, industrial warehousing or residential units ensures that our corrugated roofing lasts long.

To add further to the initial offering, Qatar Steel Industries Factory provides PPGI in all colors. Corrugated Sheets form a reflective layer reducing heat absorption in the hottest places making it ideal use for all countries with intense heat and dry weather.

These sheets of metal initially undergo cold pressing and shaped into a wave pattern with the help of dyes. These raise the strength of the sheet considerably allowing it to have an “M” shape design to allow the flow of water and dust to be easily drained.

When you buy corrugated roofing sheets from Qatar Steel Industries Factory you are promised:

  • Long lasting as they are weatherproof and can withstand stress, strain and rust damage as they undergo the process of corrugation and galvanization. With good maintenance practice like washing of the sheets with water and ​recoating paint after a few decades​, the life of these sheets can be raised considerably. Making it a cost effective choice that reduces the overall cost of regular maintenance, repair and replacement instead of Block tiles or canopy tents.
  • Cost effective as the sheets are easy to maintain and last very long against the most punishing of conditions. With just a wash all residues disappear and is durable for many years.
  • Green for it fulfills all environmental safety requirements and is easy to recycle and reusable it and when damaged.
  • Assembly of the Corrugated sheet is an easy process and can be screwed to the roof with ease.
  • We are quite flexible in our offerings and provide thickness ranging from 0.35-0.7 mm, width of 1000 mm and a length range of 150-12000 mm.
  • Scratch resistance coating for up to 1500 gms, which protects against damage that exposes the metal.
  • Corrosion Resistant as all our sheets are protected against salt spray, humidity, acid, alkalis and boiling water.
  • A wide range of colors to help customize the aesthetic look and feel of your chosen sheets.

Corrugated metal roofing sheets in Qatar are a popular option and are widely demanded by all sectors of the industry. QSIF ensures low cost and high durability that will give you the peace of mind for decades to come.