Standard expanded metal refers to the process where metal comes out of the expanding machine. While the dimensions of the expanded metal sheet will vary depending on the machine, the thickness of the metal strands and the open space between them will remain consistent and regular. The surface of this expanded metal have a slightly rounded appearance, which helps reduce the risk of wash process runoff collecting in the expanded metal basket.

Flattened expanded metal is what is created when standard expanded metal is put through a cold roller to flatten the metal mesh out. This makes the mesh thinner, flatter, and wider and or longer. Because it is sometimes difficult to predict how much expansion will occur in the mesh during the flattening process, the resultant dimensions may vary slightly from original estimates.

When you procure Expanded Sheets from Qatar Steel Industries Factory you get the following:

  • Flattened and Expended both come in the dimensions:
    • Sizes ranging from 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch
    • Mesh aperture Long way and short way from 24x16 to 61x28 mm
    • Strand width from 2.1-3.96 mm
    • Strand thickness from 1.2-2 mm
  • Flexible material options of Aluminum, Galvanized Iron and Mild Steel.
  • Punched into different shapes like diamond, square, round, triangle and scale hole.
  • Cost-effective as a small quantity of metal can be stretched into a large piece.
  • The mesh design allows for light and air to move freely.
  • Due to the flattening and cutting process the Expanded metals are lighter than traditional metal sheets.
  • High strength as they can support weight and withstands stress better than woven metals or jointed welds.
  • Efficient Process as there is very little waste when producing and processing expanded metal mesh.
  • Is a good conductor of electricity, magnetic flux and heat because expanded metal is one piece.
  • It acts as protective reinforcement once the metal meshes are combined with glass, concrete and other strengthening materials.