At Qatar Steel Industries Factory we offer Steel Deck or Decking Floor Panels that with varied dimensions can be used to meet a variety of structural requirements. These decking panels are galvanized, ribbed and rolled from high quality metal. They can be used to provide lateral bracing for structures as they have the ability to be interlocked, acting as a diaphragm.

This diaphragm can be used to act as a base to accommodate concrete. The poured concrete settles within the ribbed profiles of the panel combining together to give the floor or roof the strengthening qualities of both metal and concrete. Compared to previous modes that were time consuming and expensive, this is quicker to build and results in a stronger yet cheaper solution.

The features of these signature Decking Panels are as follows:

  • Thickness range from 0.9-1.2 mm, width 1000 mm and the length ranging from 1000-10000 mm.
  • Chromated zinc coated surface, coating ranging from 120-150 grams per sqm.
  • Being a union of metal and concrete, the result is unrivaled strength. These slabs are also lighter compared to conventional slabs. The decking panels are designed such to prevent any slip, longitudinally between the metal diaphragm and concrete poured in the slab. It also halts any transverse movement between the slab and supporting beams.
  • Affordability, as the overall cost due to concrete used for composite slab vs a pure slab is substantially lesser.
  • The composite slab acts as a safe working platform, as the concrete once poured within the metal diaphragm allows for work to continue unhindered above and below.
  • Can easily accommodate both light and dense concrete rendering it a versatile choice
  • Lower concrete load reduces the strain on the frames and foundation.
  • Structural integrity is stronger with decking panel composite slabs, as it reinforces supporting frame ensuring stronger structural integrity.
  • Practical as it requires little to no site storage requirements.
  • Interlocked design of the decking panel diaphragm and the compression of the poured concrete offer tensile reinforcement to the composite slab.