Galvanized Z Purlins are made using high quality galvanized steel. These are aptly named so due to the shape represented by the alphabet: Z purlins are in the shape of a “Z”.

These purlins are strong, reliable and best suited for industrial structures, verandas and garages. They’re also used wherever reliable steel framing is required. Due to flexibility in design, customers get a nice range of options to choose from. Z Purlins are lightweight and can be transported easily from location to location. Undergoing galvanization, Z purlins are corrosion free, strong and have a long life. Punched variants are usually manufactured using high tensile steel, which is very durable. Due to the design and form factors used, these purlins are easy to install and require little time resulting in lower labor and overhead costs.

To reiterate Qatar Galvanized Z Purlins have the following features:

  • Due to the shape and design of Z Purlins, the latter due to its interlocking abilities creates stronger structures than its counterpart.
  • Made from cold form metal the resulting product is both seamless and straight.
  • Being galvanized Z Purlin options are corrosion free and require little to no maintenance resulting in a longer life.
  • The Steel used ensures that the Purlins are not only strong but very durable.
  • Are cheap and easy to manufacture due to which they are a very cost effective option.
  • Are quick and easy to install, substantially reducing the labor and overhead costs as a result.
  • Can be cut to the length of your choice.
  • Undergoes strict Quality control procedures for it to meet the market standard.
  • Consistent in specifications and delivers exactly upon what is desired. What you see is what you get.
  • Dimensions for thickness ranging from 1.20 mm to 2.00 mm and height from 100 mm to 200 mm.