Qatar Steel Industries Factory counts itself as one of the leading checkered plate suppliers and prides itself in providing a large variety for it. Checkered plate comes under a variety of options such as hot rolled steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Also known as tread plate or diamond plate; it is identified by a raised checkered pattern on its surface. When making a standard plate or sheet, the slabs are put through a series of large rollers and subjected under enough pressure to roll it to the desired thickness is achieved. These sheets or plates are then put through a final set of rollers that are either embossed or punched to create the checkered pattern onto the surface. This process is quick and cost-effective resulting in a very affordable product.

The dimensions and materials used:

  • Dimensions:​ These plates come in sizes of 1 - 2.4 meters and thickness ranges of 1.2 - 3 mm.
  • Material:​ Come in the practical options of Aluminum, Mild Steel and Galvanized Iron.

The uses and features of checkered plates are:

  • Vehicles and Trailers: For people who can attest to owning a truck and or a trailer, the elements can wreak havoc on footrests and doorframes. To avoid such hazards you can find checkered plates on all essential areas that need some form of traction. These plates act as perfect anti-slip areas that allow for safe traversal.
  • Safety Applications: ​Checkered plates are commonly used on stairs or ramps in industrial areas, as it helps to reduce the chance of slipping on the metal. Outdoor fire exits in particular rely on checkered plates to enhance traction when the steps become slippery from sand, rain or snow. The checkered pattern creates an excellent tread, which can help reduce slips and falls while also providing an excellent form of grip to either walk on or drive over.
  • Mechanical Properties: High Corrosion Resistance, High strength, excellent weldability and workability, no-slip effect and uniform quality
  • Aesthetic Accents: Aluminum, stainless steel and hot-rolled steel-checkered plates each have unique appearances, which can be used as accents for architectural elements or furniture.