For a lighter, durable and closed cell option, Qatar Steel Industries Factory provides Polyethylene insulation panels. Polyethylene is a material that has impact-toughness, ductility and is an ideal insulator, properties that it retains due to its creation from ethylene being polymerized. The process is easier and more affordable to fabricate making this a highly practical and cost-effective solution.

Aluminium foil is combined with Polyethylene to act as skin, brightening the interiors of structures such as factories, warehouses and cold storage units. Like its Polyurethane counterpart, it too can be pressed to galvanized metal sheets to be used as single and double skin panels. Thus retaining the properties of corrosion and rust resistance along with insulation from moisture heat and chemical damage.

Size, Dimensions and Coating:

  • The thickness options vary from 6 to 8 mm and the overall width of the sheet is 1000 mm
  • Scratch-resistant coating of over 1500 gms.

By investing in a Qatar Steel Industries Factory Polyethylene Panel, you get:

  • The cells are closed up and pressed so that there is no air between them thus being called ‘Closed Cell’. This renders the material safe from moisture, sturdy, durable and resistant to tears.
  • Easy to carry and transport.
  • Customization options come in a range of color options for you to choose from White, Beige, Maroon, Green, Blue, Red, and so on.
  • Cost-effective as it’s very easy to fabricate.
  • It does not get affected by mildew, mold, rot and bacteria, which plagues a lot of other foam variants and thus granting it a long life.
  • Highly resistant to water, chemicals, solvents and grease, making it very durable and ideal for regions that experience extreme conditions.
  • Has one of the best thermal insulation properties, making it a perfect option for very hot climates and cold storage units.