The Polyethylene Panel is a product in which the polyethylene foam is formed into sheet form and is applied with a layer of aluminum on the top and the bottom. The metallic surfaces have been prefinished and coil-coated in a variety of paint finishes before bonding. The product can also be attached to pre-painted galvanized steel sheet and is also sold in the form of the sandwich panel. The panels offered are rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal in a lightweight panel that’s easy to fabricate and aadaptable to a vast range of indoor and outdoor building applications. The minimum width of the panel is 1 meter and the foam thickness is available in the ranges of 6mm and 8mm.

Uses: The aluminum foil skin gives an attractive finished look and is used for brightening the interior of a building such as factories, warehouses, cold storages. List of features includes:


  •    The ability to prevent condensation due to heat
  •    Insulates heat perfectly
  •    Extraordinarily resistant to chemicals
  •    Obtains the strength to resist fire
  •    Prevention of corrosion due to humidity
  •    Durable and long-lasting