The Pre Galvanized Pipes made using qualitative steel are pre coated with zinc that further adds to the strength of the metal and its resistance towards corrosion. These are available in several lengths, sizes and thickness as per the requirements of our customers. The pipe is made from the finest metal, making it corrosion resistant and robust in design. We give due emphasis on providing dimensionally uniform pipes, which are manufactured with precision and accuracy. We go through several quality checks before making our pre galvanized pipes available in the market.

Available Shapes: Round, Rectangular & Square
Uses: Such pipes can be utilized in numerous ways – they can be used to support columns and trusses, storage systems, highway guardrails and so on.
Standard: St 12 (DIN 1623), CS, DS [ASTM A1008], ASTM A500/A500M, Grade A, B & C.
List of features includes:

  •    Consistent physical features prevent any drastic variations or fabrication
  •     The product is well tested with Excellent machinability and high strength
  •     Insured and tested for quality assurance
  •     High resistance to torsional loading
  •     Excellent surface condition
  •     Wide variety of shapes and wall thicknesses are available
  •     Ready and available in our stocks in lengths of 6 meters