Qatar Steel Industries Factory is one of the leading Hot rolled and galvanized pipe suppliers in the region. Our pipes have a wide range of applications like automobile parts, poles, street lamps, barriers, gates, furniture, safety railings, fence posts, water supply pipes and scaffolding. The reason solely lies with the fact that our products are light, durable, long lasting, corrosion free and cost effective.

The production of such products occurs where first the metal pipes are produced from raw materials formed into Square, rectangular or Round pipes. Another method is where raw metal products are procured then broken down into steel strips or sheets. These sheets are rolled into pipes and the two open ends welded together. The more the sheet is rolled the bigger the pipe. The galvanized properties of these products protects them from corrosion and weathering as they are coated with zinc.

Metal that was galvanized in sheet format or was mill galvanized is known as Pre-galvanized metal. The metal is rolled in molten zinc and is sent through the mill to be galvanized, cut to size and recoiled.

Pre-galvanized metal tubes and pipes come in round, square and rectangular shapes and have a variety of applications; like for water-supply pipes in construction and for other outdoor projects such as fence posts, scaffolding and protective railings.

Available Shapes: Round, Rectangular & Square
Standard: St 12 (DIN 1623), CS, DS [ASTM A1008], ASTM A500/A500M, Grade A, B & C.

Pre-Galvanized Tubes and Pipes (Structural Steel Solutions) come with the following attributes:

  • Long Lasting, Durable, easy to maintain and install. Ensuring cost effectiveness.
  • Galvanized to strengthen and safeguard against weathering.
  • Follow the highest of manufacturing standards.
  • Consistent in their offerings and specifications.
  • Fully customizable in terms of requirements.