Ceiling Cross tees are the supports that receive the ceiling panels by connecting the main tees in a grid. Like the Main Tees, when procuring a Cross Tee one should factor in the loads and deflection in the system. The ideal installation follows specifications that can withstand the loads to which it is subjected. That means Live Loads (that concern the weight added from fixtures, the occupants and environmental residue) and Dead Loads (that concern the weight of the structure) cannot exceed the weight tolerance of the ceiling system.

A Cross Tee based system may get restricted if the amount of deflection when lateral load is applied exceeds that the surfacing material can withstand without getting damaged. The selection of said surfacing material is purely dependent on the level of influence the deflection factor imposes. The deflection limit varies from L/120 to L/360 depending on what kind of assembly the Cross Tee system is based on.

Qatar Steel Industries Factory stands for quality and the Tee systems we create are built with solid interlocking links that establish a solid joint. These Tees are made from pre-painted galvanized metal that ensures protection from corrosion and provides the visual appeal you desire for the exposed ceiling.

The Cross Tees that you procure from us are:

  • In the varied thickness ranges of 0.24-0.4 mm.
  • Design specification of 25x24x600 mm and 25x24x1200 mm respectively
  • Meeting all industrial and structural standard safety codes
  • Tool less and are easy to manage.
  • Easy to maintain and have a long life.
  • Economical due to its Tee interchangeability.
  • Flexible, strong and durable capable of supporting heavy loads of ceiling systems.