Ceiling Main Tees and frame systems form the primary support for the ceiling, which extend the length of the room, suspended from joists by wire hangers. It is imperative to accommodate and consider load and deflection when installing a Main Tees. Their installation is subject to their ability to withstand the load they are burdened with. These loads can be broken down into Live and dead loads. Live loads are due to the occupancies and external elements like sand, rain, wind and earthquakes. Dead loads are the weight of the structure itself. Usually Main Tees connected to an assembly are capable of withstanding load; however, it may experience restriction if the amount of deflection when lateral load is applied exceeds that which the material can effectively withstand without damage.

Ceiling Main Tees are a vital ingredient in all modern day construction for ceiling building, maintenance and repairs. The system is made of a pre-painted galvanized metal body, which provides it protection against corrosion and the aesthetics for the exposed ceiling. The products are roll formed from galvanized metal with both ends spliced for easy interlocking.

When you purchasing a Qatar Steel Industries Factory Main Tee you get:

  • A product that meets all structural safety regulations.
  • Is available in the thickness ranges of 0.35-0.4 mm.
  • Design specification of 38x24x3600 mm.
  • Simple assembly and design that reduces wastage considerably.
  • The ends of the system provide flush joints that remove gaps and ensure strict rigidity at the joints.
  • Economical and convenient as one can easily switch over to a different type of Tee.
  • Ease of installation and portability which results in less labor and overhead costs.