In Qatar runner tracks are one of the highly demanded wall frame solutions for Qatar Steel Industries Factory. In wall framing made of steel, tracks are normally horizontal (level) and studs are generally vertical (plumb). The tracks are fixed to the floor and to the ceiling. The studs, which are embossed for strength, fit inside the tracks, which are smooth. Holes can be made in the studs to pass pipes, conduit, or Romex.

In wood framing, the horizontal members are “plates”, not “track”.

In order to secure wall studs structural tracks frame component used as top and bottom runners. Structural tracks are also used as end support closures for joists at exterior or foundation walls, head, and sill plates of wall openings and solid blocking. Tracks are normally ordered in accordance with the size and gauge of wall studs.

At QSIF Runners / Track come with the following features:

  • This structural track is a U-shaped framing component that perfectly fits in vertical stud elements.
  • Structural tracks contribute to a quicker wall build, noncombustible systems, and protection from structural damage due to insect infiltration.
  • Longer leg tracks are used for deflection purposes or to accommodate uneven or inconsistent floor or ceiling states
  • Easily insulated for hot and cold conditions which results in greatly reduced energy costs
  • You get choices for custom sizes, lengths, and coatings in order to fulfill your specific requirements.
  • Noncombustible support for fire-safety.
  • Tracks are available to match all studs and depths.
  • Come in the dimension of 28x48 mm to 28x150 mm and a standard material thickness of 0.35x70 mm.