QSIF Roofing tiles are lightweight, with a dry or wet weight of 70lbs per 100 sq. ft. This is about 96% lighter than concrete or clay tiles. Substantial savings are effected in structural costs for new homes and developments, as truss systems can be designed for less stress and weight loads. Our pre-painted galvanized roofing tiles are coated with polyester paint which gives it a natural and traditional look.

Uses: There are tremendous applications to such roofing tiles, ranging from building villas, beach houses, factories and cabins.
Distinctive features and benefits of Roofing tiles are:

  •    Extremely strong and long-lasting
  •    Lightweight
  •    Similar to traditional clay roofing tiles
  •    Highly recommended for both commercial and residential purposes
  •    Various choices of beautiful colours
  •    Superior quality that prevents any cracks
  •    Easy to carry and handle
  •    Extremely convenient to install
  •    Low maintenance