Qatar Steel Industries Factory introduced the option of metal roofing tile panels. Unlike their ceramic counterparts, they are highly durable, lightweight and easy to assemble. They retain the same design aesthetic that adds a nice visual appeal to the façade of a building and are portable and easy to assemble.

Built from galvanized metal, the zinc layer ensures protection from corrosion and rust. Bent like their ceramic counterparts they are easy to maintain as they share the same water-shedding feature. These panels are also adhered to polyurethane to add that extra layer of protection. That is the structure remains safe from moisture, extreme weather conditions, fire proof and retains a degree of soundproofing.

These come in both single and double skin variants, where the thicker layer ensures a greater degree of protection from the elements. The thickness also absorbs more sound and vibrations leading to higher sound dampening capability.

Investing with Qatar Steel Industries Factory in a roofing tile panels ensures:

  • Durability and strength as the material used is metal.
  • Corrosion, weather, fire, humidity and mold protection as the tiles undergo galvanization and are adhered with Polyurethane.
  • Reduces the sound and vibrations substantially due to the extra added layer of Polyurethane.
  • The same aesthetic as its ceramic counterpart but lighter making it portable.
  • Quick and easy to assemble as they are designed in panels.
  • A good selection of paint colors to choose from.
  • Water shedding properties make it easy to maintain. Washing with water can easily remove dirt and any weather pollutants. Thus ensuring little to no maintenance costs and a longer life.
  • Quality as the top facia sheet is pre painted galvanized steel.
  • Scratch resistance due to a 1500 gms coating.
  • Dimensional options for thickness ranging from 0.35-0.7 mm, width of 1000 mm and length ranging from 750-6000 mm.
  • Bottom Rigid PVC facia sheet 0.08mm thick.