Qatar Steel Industries Factory offers painted galvanized metal panels that have Polyurethane foam also known as insulated sandwich roof panels. This foam resists heat, has flame retardant properties and moisture proofing that protects the structure and its content from extreme weather conditions: staying cool during the summers, warm during the winters and dry during monsoons. Furthermore Polyurethane has the capabilities of being flame retardant, safeguards the structure and delays fire hazards and keeps goods safe.

A structure without polyurethane sandwich panels would be susceptible to heat, the cold and moisture. Meaning the structure would experience extreme conditions within, that is heat, chill and dampness‚Äč. Damaging perishables and making it unbearable for all things living. Thus it’s vital that sandwich panels be procured to mitigate against said conditions.

In order to meet sound safety and noise pollution regulations, commercial structures such as offices and studios can benefit from the insulated sandwich panels as well. With sound proof properties it ensures little to no sound coming and going.

Over the years, Qatar Steel Industries Factory have experienced a considerable demand for sandwich panels and its variants among its clientele. It was revealed that apart from the mentioned features, cost effectiveness was another key attribute. Resulting in economically sustainable projects.

To summarize, when projects use our sandwich panels they get:

  • A durable and sustainable long lasting solution.
  • Economical as the overall contracting and maintenance cost see a considerable reduction.
  • Weather proofing as the panels retain their quality in the face of harsh weather.
  • Certificated against fire hazards.
  • Protection against moisture ensures that all things within the structure are safe from mold, rot and corrosion.
  • Various style and color options open the structure to customization that are left to the clients specifications and liking.
  • Thickness range from 0.35-0.7 mm, width of 950 mm and length range from 150-11500 mm.
  • A bottom fascia sheet of thickness 0.08 mm comprising of PVC.
  • 1500 gms worth of scratch resistant surface.