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MS ERW Round Structural Pipes also known as round steel tubes, are a common type of steel section which are made either from hot rolled, cold rolled or pre-galvanized steel strips formed by a continuous set of rolls. The slit strip of steel coil goes through a forming and sizing section in a normal cold forming steel mill. The mill consists of a number of passes through which the sheet is gradually formed by pass bending the steel sheet more on each pass. This is done until the two ends of the steel is pressed together and then welded inline. The strips of carbon steel are heated at the edge and welded together forming into longitudinal welds, without any filler metals. Then, weld tubes are cooled down and processed through sizing rolls into round tubes.

Uses: There are many advantages and uses of such pipes – they can support columns and trusses, storage systems, highway guardrail construction of bridges, commercial and residential building, and all other structural purposes.
Standard: St 12 (DIN 1623), CS, DS [ASTM A1008], ASTM A500/A500M, Grade A, B & C.
List of features includes:

  •     Consistent physical features prevent any drastic variations or fabrication
  •     The product is well tested with Excellent machinability and high strength
  •     Insured and tested for quality assurance
  •     High resistance to torsional loading
  •     Excellent surface condition
  •     Wide variety of shapes and wall thicknesses are available
  •     Ready and available in our stocks in lengths of 6 meters

Our tube ranges are equivalent to European and Japanese standards.