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QSIF steel branches stock a broad range of steel bars characterized by a width and a thickness. Square and round bar are typically used to brace light structures, while flat bar is commonly used in fabrication. We specialize in flat bar ranging from 12-100 mm in width, with thicknesses of 2 mm, 2,5 mm, 2,7 mm and 3 mm, and a length of 6 m. We also produce non-standard thicknesses up to and including 4,5 mm for all applications including trellis doors, burglar proofing, grating, and engineering applications. We also do specialized slitting up to 5.0 mm in thickness with widths ranging from 12-500 mm. Our cut-to-length line can level widths of up to 1500 mm with cutting thickness abilities ranging from 2-12 mm in length of up to 12meters depending on the application. We can accommodate your coil requirements up to 16 mm.