Cutting and Bending

Cutting and Bending


Sheet metal bending / folding is a very common forming method used to give the desired shape onto structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc. parts. A press brake is used to give the final shape to a part. It is important to bear in mind that bending is done after the cutting process.

Qatar Steel Industries Factory is having many years of experience in sheet metal cutting and bending proves that we provide quality service within the agreed time limits. Bending and cutting of sheet metal is done on tested machines, where we can ensure quality cutting and bending with appropriate tolerances. Metal bending services help you to form sheet metal by the application of force. Metal bending is used to apply a preferred shape to the metal without welding. We carry out bending of sheet metal parts using electrical and hydraulic CNC press brakes.

The minimum bending radius depends on the plasticity and thickness of the material. Generally, we recommend the largest possible bending radius to avoid cracking on the outer surface.

Metal Folding services are;

  • V-bending
  • U-bending
  • Step bending
  • Roll bending
  • Rotary bending