I Beams or H-Beams Structural Steel

I Beams or H-Beams Structural Steel


Steel Beams or the more common name I-Beam are widely used in the construction industry and are available in a variety of standard sizes. Tables are available to allow easy selection of a suitable steel I-beam size for a given applied load.

I-beams may be used both as beams and as columns. Qatar Steel Industries Factory manufactures the I beams with a steel grade of S235 and tolerance of ± 10%. Depth of H starts from 100mm and it goes up to 240mm. The width of B starts from 55mm and goes up to 120mm. Furthermore, we also manufacture I-beams with fully customized sizes as per the client's or project's requirements.

Some advantages of our I beams are as follows;

  • The “I section beam” is useful in resisting large bending moments. It is used in construction, railway tracks etc.
  • It can bear higher loads.
  • Reduces the deflections.
  • I beams give good support to structure over it.
  • It reduces the load intensity on the below structure.
  • Fully customized sizes are available.