Ridge Cap for Single Skin Sandwich Panel

Ridge Cap for Single Skin Sandwich Panel


Since so much water flows through the roof valleys, they must be protected by extensive roof flashing networks to keep your roof dry and leak-free. With the peaks, a special covering called a ridge cap must be used. Ridge capping and flashing for Single Skin Sandwich Roof Panels are having wide variety of colors. We also manufacturer ridge capping and flashing for corrugated sheets and 30mm PUF (polyurethane foam) insulated single skin sandwich roof panels. Ridge cap shingles are specifically designed to fit the ridges of roofs. That’s why they are typically pre-bent and thicker than regular roof shingles, which tend to crack when folded over the ridge. The form of the ridge cap shingles also makes them more efficient in shedding water and debris.

Key features of our ridge caps for single skin sandwich roof panels are as follows;

  • Corrosion and rust free
  • Water resistance
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Clean