A Steely step towards Soundproofing

Fire and Soundproofing Sandwich Roof Panels

In a time where things are hectic and life is becoming modular, we look to moments of gratification and peace. From the noise-cancelling headphones, we carry practically everywhere to the double-paned windows in our workplaces and homes. Everything is to encourage the creation of an environment that fosters positive and constructive thoughts. These are places of solace. A safe place to re-centre ourselves. It all is rooted in peace, tranquillity and silence.

Thus every place be it a workplace; a place of focus and constructive thinking, spas; a place of relaxing; hospitals; a place of healing and our homes; a place of nesting. However, where there is a demand for the absence of sound there is a requirement for it too. Places that specialize in modulating sound to make it appealing to the ears. Places like recording studios. While others are meant to induce a sense of, focused purpose and joy. Like gyms, dance studios and clubs.

For all of these daily requirements, the modern steel industry has introduced cheap and innovative solutions that are cost-effective and last long. If you have been following our blogs or gave our company website a look you’d be informed that steel is a very ductile and strong metal. Its practical applications span across all walks of life & a very realistic options to making them possible in the first place. When treated or alloyed with other metals it retains its properties and becomes an invaluable resource. Combinations like galvanization are very popular: a process where metal is dipped in molten zinc, rendering the metal resistant to corrosion and weathering. Which combined with its actual properties gives you a product that lasts a very long time, requires little to no maintenance and is reusable.

Fire and Soundproofing Sandwich Wall Panels

To create such structures Qatar Steel Industries Factory has introduced three different product line-ups with two different variants. The variants in question involve closed-cell foam that is known as Polyurethane and Polyethylene respectively. These have adhered to the surfaces of galvanized and corrugated steel sheets. Doing so results in sheets becoming resistant to fire, chemicals, solvents, water and grease. It also insulates the steel against extreme temperatures. The closed-cell nature of the foam also makes it lightweight and based on the thickness dampens sound to various degrees.

The three products that help towards creating soundproofed spaces are as follows:

  • Single Skin Sandwich Roof Panel
  • As the name suggests there is a single layer of polyurethane or polyethene adhered to the surface of a galvanized corrugated or flat steel plates. These are cut into sheets or tiles, pre-painted and installed on roofs.

  • Double Skin Sandwich Roof Panel
  • The foam is twice as thick, ranging from 50 to 100mm. This perfectly dampens most sounds and is ideal for those wanting to keep sound either in or out.

  • Double Skin Wall Panel
  • To complete the structure and render it fully soundproof and we at Qatar Steel Industries Factory provide the same foam options with varied thicknesses on Wall sheets. This way the whole structure blocks sounds from all angles and gives you the environment/ambience you so seek.

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