Steel is the best solution to all your storage needs

Steel Best Solution for Storage Needs

Storage be it for warehousing machinery and dry goods, cold storage for perishables or simply hangers for vehicles, QSIF has you covered. Our wide range of Steel structural solutions will satisfy all your custom needs and keep your goods and equipment in pristine condition.

Steel with varying degrees of carbon is strong and ductile. Can withstand great stress, strain, extreme weather and seismic conditions. It is lightweight making transport easier, very modular making it easy to assemble structures with little expertise. When alloyed with other metals steel their properties make it an invaluable structural material.

At QSIF we manufacture galvanized steel which is the process of dipping metal into molten zinc. The zinc adheres to the steel and gives it anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties. Furthermore, we also corrugate the steel sheets, which form a wave pattern. This pattern further increases the strength with which the steel can withstand stress and is extremely durable.

Fire and Soundproofing Sandwich Wall Panels

For specifically storage construction purposes, QSIF has created a particular line of products that are adhered to two variants of protective foam. Specifically Polyurethane and Polyethylene. Both these foam are closed-cell which makes them lightweight and resistant to water damage, fire, grease, chemicals and solvents. It is also unaffected by mildew, rot, mold and bacteria which plagues many other foam variants. Another unique attribute of the foams is that they insulate against extreme thermal conditions i.e. Keeps things cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Polyurethane and Polyethylene both come adhered to the following three structural products that are essential in the construction of sheds, cold storage units, warehouses and garages:

  • Single Skin Sandwich Roof Panel
  • These are corrugated, galvanized steel sheets that are sandwiched with closed-cell foam. They are cut into panels or tiles which are meant to cover rooftops. These come pre-fabricated and coloured with paint that is weatherproof. Due to their water-shedding properties, these panels remain dry and do not retain water or humidity. They insulate against extremely hot and cold weather. In case of accidents like fire, these units immediately diffuse the flames, as they are fire retardant.

  • Double Skin Sandwich Roof Panel
  • As the name suggests the foam adhered to the panels are thicker with measurement choices ranging from 50mm to 100mm as opposed to their single skinned counterpart, which is 20mm. These insulate heat and cold twice as much, dampen sound and are ideal for cold storage units or storage environments that need to be monitored and controlled.

  • Double Skin Wall Panel
  • Like the roof panels, these steel sheets are coated with a thick layer of foam that insulates the walls. These walls combined with the roof panels ideally create storage units that build to spec. They can store anything from machinery to dry goods or perishables and temperature-sensitive equipment.

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